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"May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country." - Ron Paul
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Can a Libertarian and Liberal Discuss Politics Civily? Listen and Find Out!

By Howard Grattan | 06/11/2020 |

Sorry for the big gap in episodes. If you have any great guests that you would like to hear from send me an E-mail at or through Facebook or Twitter. @honoringronpaulI changed his/her name because he/she is a Federal employee and toward the end we discussed some hot topics.My mangled Spooner quote: “But whether…

Two Doctors Solve Corona With This One Weird Trick! …Not Really

By Howard Grattan | 05/25/2020 |

A conversation with Dr. Larson of the ParaDocs podcast about what we know and what we don’t about COVID-19. Is a vaccine around the corner? Who is likely to die? Is there an obvious reliable pattern to explain which cities and states are most affected? Please check out the Paradocs podcast. Twitter @TheParadocsShow My…

Reminiscing About the Past with Master Brian

By Howard Grattan | 05/18/2020 |

Links mentioned in the episode. Do you need a computer board created? A programable gate array… arrayed? Or something programed in VHDL or some obscure nerd code? Brian Grattan is your goto electrical engineer!

My Appearance on Good Morning Liberty Podcast

By Howard Grattan | 05/04/2020 |

I hope everyone enjoyed this crossover episode. If you have a podcast and would like me to be a guest or if you have been inspired by Ron Paul and would like to be on this podcast, please reach out. I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to visit the great guys…

Info on Sweden from a Swede.

By Howard Grattan | 04/27/2020 |

Unfortunately, I did not get a fancy massage. Instead we just talked about Sweden’s unique approach to COVID as well as a bit of Swedish history and economy. I think this is the best podcast Olof has ever been on. Much thanks to him! Interview with the Swedish epidemiologist: Podcast with info about potential…

COVID 19 episode 19 this time.

By Howard Grattan | 04/20/2020 |

Thank you for listening to another COVID episode by me, Dr. Howard Grattan. I go into Ron Paul’s “Coronavirus Hoax” article and his son’s infection as well as the likely outcome of more life years lost 2nd to the response than would have happened from no government response and only individual’s managing their own risks.…

Solo Episode: COVID19 special but episode 18

By Howard Grattan | 03/21/2020 |

Massive list of articles that I referenced in the podcast. It would be helpful to pause the episode and scan the article as we go along. I believe they are in order. South Korea Preserved the Open Society and Now Infection Rates are Falling Biohackers Are on a Secret…

Dangerous History – Sugarcoated or nah?

By Howard Grattan | 03/16/2020 |

Discussion ranges from Ron Paul to Rothbard to sugar to Woodrow Wilson. Check him out at Articles mentioned: “What has government done to our money” “Anatomy of the state” and Free at: “War is a racket”

Why are Libertarians Like a Flock of Geese? A Bunch of Honkies?

By Howard Grattan | 03/09/2020 |

Great Talk with the Afrolibertarian. Unfortunately race didn’t come up so I will have to have him back on sometime! Links to things talked about. Comedian Emo Phillips with the religious denomination joke Autobiography of Malcolm X Thomas Sowell clip,_1940-2014.png

Fixed:Uh… Which President Should be in a Supermax Prison?

By Howard Grattan | 03/02/2020 |

The prior episode was uploaded incorrectly and since most people have auto download, I made a new episode. —I have a spirited discussion about Ron Paul and foreign policy with the great Scott Horton. The Libertarian Institute Home Martha Mundy’s article mentioned Report: Strategies of the Coalition in the Yemen War