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"May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country." - Ron Paul
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Investing in a Chaotic Market Environment with Asymmetric Returns

By Howard Grattan | 11/20/2020 |

Hunter Thompson of Asym Capital Joins me today to discuss the benefits of atypical investments and using the Austrian School’s economic insights to generate lower risks and higher returns for him and his investors. Home

George Washington, Entrepreneur

By Howard Grattan | 11/01/2020 |

I am excited to be joined by acclaimed author and journalist John Berlau to discuss his book out now! His Book: His organization

Origins of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

By Howard Grattan | 09/30/2020 |

Norman Singleton is a rare individual with an economics degree and a law degree. Of course he ended up working for Ron Paul! Great stories from his time in Washington, D.C. His recent article Rap song mentioned


By Howard Grattan | 09/25/2020 |

After much delay in getting this episode out because of a wind storm power loss, then fire evacuation, then catching up a clinic it is finally here! Very privileged to have one of the great advocates for liberty and a crucial part of the ’08 and ’12 RP campaigns whether they wanted it or not.…

Afrolibertarian Returns!

By Howard Grattan | 08/30/2020 |

Thank you so much to the @AfroLibertarian! Fun discussion. Competing podcast episodes that were mentioned. Ep. 0131: Opening Gambits: The Not-So-Civil War Part 1 Articles about the increase in AA votes for Trump and poor AA voter turnout in battleground states that basically accounts for the Trump presidency. Behind Trump’s victory: Divisions by race,…

Fighting through the Republocrat “Rope-a-dope” with Spike Cohen

By Howard Grattan | 08/14/2020 |

Wide ranging discussion about the abysmal state of politics and how the Libertarian ticket is the only rational choice (He may be a bit biased). We throw in some thought experiments of if there was a President Ford 40 years before President Ford, if Hillary were faced with the riots and virus, what could be…

The Tragic Tale of “Laughing at Liberals”

By Howard Grattan | 07/30/2020 |

Please support Michael Strickland by subscribing to “Laughing at Liberals” on YouTube and consider donating to his defense fund. Story that needs to be heard and shared. Defense fund: Make sure to put Michael Strickland in the “tribute to” Twitter @LaughAtLibs

Presidential Candidate Dr. Jo Jorgenson!

By Howard Grattan | 06/30/2020 |

I am honored to speak with Dr. Jorgenson about her run and her hopes for the 2020 election. We discussed her earlier run as Vice-President with Harry Browne. Here as a video of him talking about his famous book “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” Her website:

DonorSee: How to Directly Impact the World You Normally Would Not See

By Howard Grattan | 06/23/2020 |

The founder of DonorSee joined me to discuss one of the best ways to directly assist those in need in the developing world. Please take time to use his site and donate at

The Ethics of Anarchocapitalism

By Howard Grattan | 06/14/2020 |

Mr. Kris Borer joins me to tell about his new book and his self directed education inspired by Ron Paul. Links Books mentioned. “Ethics of Anarchocapitalism” By Kris Borer “For a New Liberty” Murray Rothbard “The Problem With Political Authority” Michael Huemer “The Machinery of Freedom” David Friedman